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4 marketing-led bits and bobs to help your business shine

Kate Naylor - Thursday, February 28, 2013

Small yet perfectly formed... here are four mini-marketing and related tips to help you make the most of your online presence. 

Linking to and mentioning 'authority' sites

Google takes 'authority' websites seriously. Apparently if you link to or even just mention authority sites in your website content, it confers small but handy amounts of respectability, trust and authority to your site. 

What is an authority site? It's places like the BBC, university websites and others that are trusted, popular and packed with completely unique, relevant, good quality content. 

The power of guest blogging 

It's easy to see the benefit of writing guest posts on other people's sites, especially when links are involved. But what about other people posting guest blogs on your site? What's the marketing point in that? 

When someone posts on your blog they'll spend time and effort promoting and sharing their post. Their Twitter and Facebook followers will see it and hopefully a few will share it with their communities. Which means your site gets extra traffic, extra exposure and builds a better online reputation. Before they posted on your blog you had less exposure, afterwards you have more. Job done. 

Protecting your WordPress site from hackers

Malware is rife. It's horrible stuff created by horrible people. And they like targeting WordPress websites. Every time there's a new WordPress version, update your site as quickly as possible. Otherwise hackers' automated software will be more likely to crowbar its way into your site and cause chaos. Some infections are so bad it takes a huge amount of time, effort and know-how to remove them. 

Always take a site back-up first just in case the update screws things up, which is occasionally can. As a general rule, the more plugins you have the higher the risk. Update WP itself first then update your plugins one by one instead of all at once. Then you can pinpoint which plugin update screwed your site and deactivate it. 

How do you know if your site's knackered? Go there and click all your links to make sure they're working, including your tag cloud, blog post and internal page links. 

Fielding complaints through Social Media

Social media are great for spreading the good word. But they also leave you open to criticism and very public complaints. 

If someone has a problem with your business, resolve it as quickly as you can and make sure everyone knows you've done so. Social Media is an excellent reputation management tool but only if you're honest, transparent, man or woman enough to admit your mistakes and tackle the issue fast. Prevaricate and obfuscate like a politician and you'll fall on your face. 

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