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Email marketing made easy - ABC's the bunny!

Kate Naylor - Thursday, March 07, 2013

Don't believe the hype. It's had some bad press but properly opted-in email marketing is still an extremely effective way to get your inbound marketing act in gear, move prospects along the sales funnel and encourage them to buy. Like all things marketing, it's a matter of doing it right. 

You could spend absolutely ages building a customer and prospect spreadsheet in Excel and DIY email marketing, updating your data with responders, unsubscribers, buyers and so on yourself, one by one. But it's fraught with risk and eats up time like nobody's business. 

Alternatively you could get Chris to build your new website or create your first online presence using ABC, Adobe Business Catalyst, which does it for you while you get on with making money.  

Sites built using ABC online design and marketing software includes a CRM database that builds targeted lists automatically. And it lets you send personalised messages in a few clicks, with no fannying around. That's more like it! 

  • create unlimited campaigns and send as many newsletters as you like
  • create a series of messages to drip-feed automatically over time, targeting them in a variety of cool ways 
  • base lists on past orders, webform responses, forum membership and loads more and go manual if you like, adding individuals by hand
  • get great stats about click-through and open rates
  • track post-click actions for deeper insights into how punters react to your campaigns
  • take your pick of loads of attractive ready-made email templates for professional polish 
It's all designed to make your online business life much easier and make managing and updating your website a pleasure. Best of all, you don't need blue chip-sized pockets - ABC is perfect for any size of business. 

If your site's looking old hat or you're about to take the online business plunge for the first time, have a chat with Chris and treat yourself to something practical as well as beautiful. In today's horribly competitive world, it'll stand you in good marketing stead.  
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