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Customer Relationship Management

Knowing your customers and understanding their behaviour is key to your business success.

With a customer management function built in to your online business you are in control. Once a customer registers their e-mail address anywhere on your site, a customer record is automatically created for them. You can then give them access to secure member areas, manage their orders and modify their e-mail marketing subscriptions – simple and effective.

You will get a central view of your customers’ activities as they happen. E-commerce orders, blog comments, forum posts, contact forums, member zone activity, e-mail marketing – it’s all tracked to give you a complete view of customer behaviour, live and as it happens.

Automating your processes allows you to get back to your customers quickly and ensures every step is taken in completing an order. You can build in systems to notify your staff of new customers and orders, track actions as they are completed, place reminders and keep management informed. Now that’s impressive.

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